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Edinburgh Fringe Interviews

Edinburgh Interview: Sophie Duker on Venus

In her hotly anticipated full-fat woke debut hour Sophie Duker takes her audience on an unconventional journey of self-discovery

Edinburgh Interview: Sarah Keyworth on Pacific

Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee for Best Newcomer and winner of the Herald Angel Award, Sarah Keyworth returns with a brand-new hour of comedy

Edinburgh Interview: Cam Spence on The Sunshine Clinic

Cam Spence presents an explosive debut hour of idiosyncratic character comedy. 

Edinburgh Interview: Sketch Comedy Group Just These Please on Suitable

Just These Please are back at the Fringe with their brand new show, Suitable.

Edinburgh Interview: Richard Essien on Magical Bones: Black Magic

Richard Essien AKA Magical Bones, the star of international stage hit Impossible makes his much-anticipated Edinburgh Fringe debut.

Edinburgh Interview: Mark Nelson on Mark Nelson: Brexit Wounds

Award-winning stand-up renowned for brilliantly dark material and host of BBC Radio’s smash-hit The Good, the Bad and the Unexpected Mark Nelson tackles the political car crash of Brexit in this new Fringe show

Edinburgh Interview: Catherine Cohen on Catherine Cohen: The Twist…? She’s Gorgeous

Through original songs and stand-up, New York sensation Catherine Cohen explores life as an immortal millennial who is tragically unverified on Twitter

Edinburgh Interview: Joe Sutherland on Joe Sutherland: Sour

Joe Sutherland returns to the Fringe looking back at things we once loved which have now gone sour

Edinburgh Interview: Jack Chisnall and Joshua Dolphin on Moon: We Cannot Get Out

Jack Chisnall and Joshua Dolphin are performing Moon: We Cannot Get Out, but there’s a problem with their venue – it keeps trying to kill them!

Edinburgh Interview: Alice Snedden on Alice Snedden: Absolute Monster

After a sell-out debut in 2018, New Zealand's Alice Snedden returns to Edinburgh with Alice Snedden: Absolute Monster

Edinburgh Interview: Emmy Blotnick on Party Nights at Underbelly

Emmy Blotnick is a stand-up comic from New York coming to Edinburgh for the first time with Party Nights.

Edinburgh Interview: Camille O’Sullivan on Camille O’Sullivan Sings Nick Cave

Camille O'Sullivan is a half Irish/French singer and actress from Cork Ireland who used to be an architect. She brings Camille O'Sullivan sings Nicks Cave to The Pleasance this Fringe

Edinburgh Interview: Robyn Perkins on Mating Selection at Underbelly

Robyn Perkins is an American comic who moved to the UK for landscape architecture, despite also having a background in marine biology.

Edinburgh Interview: Guy Montgomery on I Was Part Of The Problem Before We Were Talking About It at Assembly

Guy Montgomery is a New Zealand born, New York based stand-up comedian and improviser, bringing I Was Part of the Problem Before We Were Talking About It to Assembly