Edinburgh Interview

Edinburgh Interview: Therese Ramstedt

Therese Ramstedt - Mission Abort Buy Tickets - http://bit.ly/2uHYdDZ Pain! Shame! Confusion! Or... empowering freedom and a massive relief? Strong opinions on abortion legislation are voiced on a daily basis; Mission Abort crushes taboos by exploring a woman's perspective on the actual experience – from discovering she is pregnant, to making the decision,

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Interview: Broadway Producer Eva Price on The Rise and Fall of Marcus Monroe

Eva Price is a Broadway Producer with an impressive résumé. She's been involved in classics like Annie, the US tour of the Addams Family and the story of Emilio and Gloria Estefan; On Your Feet.   It's been an exciting year for Eva Price and her colleagues, in June the phenomenally successful Dear Evan

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Edinburgh Interview: James Haddrell and The Cast of Gazing at a Distant Star

James Haddrell and The Cast of Gazing at a Distant Star Arun saves for university. Anna trains for a dreaded 5k run. Karen searches for her missing son. In Siân Rowland's acclaimed play about those who go missing and those who are left behind, three lives intersect, three people struggle to cope with

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Edinburgh Interview: Culture Clash Theatre

Culture Clash Theatre - Under My Thumb In a dystopian present, five women are imprisoned for crimes against society. Brought together by a common enemy and facing indefinite incarceration, their one remaining dignity is their continuing belief in their own innocence. The arrival of yet another prisoner seems no surprise, just another woman

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Edinburgh Interview: Nicola Wren

Nicola Wren - Replay When a fiercely independent, workaholic police officer finds herself on the street where her brother once lived, she is propelled back to her vibrant childhood and forced to confront a tremendous loss. Replay is an intimate, funny and moving new monologue, written by Nicola Wren. Buy Tickets

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