#DANISH – Meet The Danes a Digital Fringe Exchange Event


In the wake of the cancellation of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2020 many artists are working on a number of fringe-adjacent digital projects designed to keep the flame burning until we can fully return in 2021.

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society has created a series of online Fringe ExChange industry events for international performing arts professionals, which will take place throughout what would have been the festival period 7. – 31. August 2020, alongside a variety of other Fringe focused events.

#DANISH is one of the Danish Arts Foundation’s international foci, and is delighted to present two events giving focus to two shows that were selected and supported by The Danish Arts Foundation to be signature #DANISH shows at Edinburgh Festival Fringe.


We love them. The losers who against all odds prevail over their own inferiority, social heritage and completely unfair loser-life. But what if it’s us, our values and existence which end up defeated? What if we are the losers? Meet multiple award-winning director Tue Biering from Fix & Foxy, as he discusses his highly provocative, intensely political drama ‘ROCKY! RETURN OF THE LOSER’ with two international guests who specialise in theatre and know his work. This show set the agenda in Danish Theatre the year it was made, winning the prestigious Danish Reumert Award, completely knocking-out Danish reviewers and leaving audiences speechless.

ROCKY! Will also be streamed as part of  #ZOOTV, Zoo Venue’s online Edinburgh Fringe performance streaming service, available from 17 to 28 August. ROCKY will be screened on the 18th August and the works will then remain on ZOO TV to watch until 28 August.


Raw physics, everyday stunts and DON GNU attitude where the ground beneath four performers literally disappears and rules, routines and common norms we all take for granted suddenly lose their significance.  Meet artistic directors Jannik Elkjær and KristofferLouis Andrup Pedersen from prolific touring Danish dance company DON GNU discussing their latest dancepiece WALK-MAN, an exceptional piece of stunt-theatre where poetry and humour shed new light on everyday boring routines and our way of being together as humans.


Attendees will also hear shorter precis of the musicdramatic work with humansize puppets DUST by Sew Flunk Fury Wit as well as the physical comedies THE LETTER and JEKYLL ON ICE (family show) by Paolo Nani. All works that would have been at the EdFringe this year.

More details can be found here

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