Magical Bones: Black Magic is coming to Underbelly what can you tell us about it?

My show is called Black Magic and it was written by myself and is being produced by Broken Robot Productions. This show is mainly about celebrating historical black magicians and challenging the pre-conceived notions of what black magic really is.

What inspired you to write this show?

The show was inspired from the story of Henry “Box” Brown who was a former slave that escaped to freedom on the 23rdof March 1849, by mailing himself in 3- foot-long wooden box from Richmond Virginia to Philadelphia Pennsylvania, where slavery was abolished.

How did you research this subject?

I researched this topic via books about historical black magicians and also speaking to historians within the field of magic. I also met and spoke to some Voodoo and spiritual practitioners in order to get their own views on the appropriation of their beliefs.

What’s the one thing about this show that makes it different from all the rest?

I think this is a unique topic within the genre of magic shows and the content within my show is original and explosive.

How have the team at Underbelly made you feel welcome?

I love being at Underbelly because the team are very supportive and work hard to make sure your show is delivered to high standards.

What would you say to people thinking of coming to see Magical Bones: Black Magic?

Get ready for an emotional roller coaster that includes fun & laughter, as well as genuine WTF! moments.

Richard Essien’s Magical Bones: Black Magic is at Underbelly Jersey 31st July – 25th August (not 12th)

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