Questing Time is playing at the Pleasance Dome at the Edinburgh Fringe. Roll for perception…

Rightly pointed out by our Dungeon Master (DM for short) at the opening of the hour – it definitely helps to have some understanding of the classic role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons but gratefully it’s not essential. You will laugh either way.

Roll for a history check… the DM is Paul Foxcroft and he’s the only one of the four comedians on stage who has any idea what is happening. This makes for great humour as we see the hapless adventurers (in this case comedians, Bryony Redmond, Ahir Shah and Will Hartley) fumble, rage and accidentally (occasionally on purpose) explode their way through a one hour adventure based on their decisions and a throw of dice to see if their increasingly outrageous plans will succeed.

Some examples of the beautiful madness we witnessed were: a recently rescued priest being casually blasted back into a burning building, which was covered with an illusion to ensure no one noticed; an invisible elf, seen only by the stylish papier-mâché mask she had made earlier; and a Chaotic Neutral Dragonborn who decided that, rather than fight the terrifying necrotic dragon that had appeared, to instead open up a dialogue with it to end the conflict and set up a peace and reconciliation commission to ease the pain of its oppressed past.

Dungeons and Dragons can be outrageously fun when it is mere, unfunny mortals playing the game. Add into the mix a team of comedy professionals and it results in very entertaining hour. Different comedians every night, a new adventure every day. Roll… for a hit.

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Questing Time at Pleasance Dome
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