The very best stand-up comedy comes from a comedian that’s speaking on a subject they have personal experience of.  So, for Tom Rosenthal his own circumcision and his anger about it being forced upon him at a very young age makes his new show, Manhood, a very personal, but totally riotous hour of comedy.

Tom is best known for starring in sitcoms Friday Night Dinner and Plebs, the first few minutes of the show are devoted to introducing us to this edgy young comedian who definitely has OCD, but definitely doesn’t have a foreskin.

You’d think an hour-long show about one man’s penis could become a little dry and boring, but with Manhood the very opposite is true.  Not only is it a really interesting subject, thanks to Rosenthal’s delivery, but it is an incredibly funny story about one man and his member.

Tom Rosenthal is an energetically animated comedian, who laughs along with his audience, genuinely enjoying his own comedy as much as we all are.  His long-lost foreskin does allow him to bring in a range of wider topics, but they do all draw back to sharply written punchlines about sex, or masturbation and even foreskin replacements.

If you are going to spend an hour talking about your penis, then it’s important to have all the facts to give the comedy some grounding, and Tom Rosenthal has certainly researched the topic, very thoroughly indeed.  Thanks to a PowerPoint presentation and Tom’s endearing style, his audience leave with a far greater understanding of the prepuce than they did at the start.

You never have to look far at the Fringe to find a dick joke, but Tom Rosenthal has crafted a whole hour of them with complete and uncut honesty.  If you want to spend an hour being intrigued, informed, and in fits of laughter, then Tom Rosenthal’s Manhood will deliver for you.

Main Image Credit: Idil Sukan

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Tom Rosenthal: Manhood at Pleasance Courtyard
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