Edinburgh Review: Trashed at Underbelly Cowgate

Trashed Review Edinburgh Fringe
Trashed Review Edinburgh Fringe

Five Star Review from Theatre Weekly

Sometimes you get to the end of a play and you’re a million miles away from where you expected to be at the start, a bit like life really. Trashed, by Sascha Moore, fits the bill on both counts, a character whose life is filled with pain and regrets, and a storyline which takes an unexpected turn.

The set is an abandoned fly-tipping site, travelers have left it in a mess and performer David William Bryan eyes the audience with suspicion, are we the travelers responsible? He plays Keith ‘Goody’ Goodman who begins to talk us through the events of the last few months. It starts off funny, despite the fact he’s suffered a tragedy and that’s had a detrimental effect on his marriage.  Then as we start to understand the true nature of what’s happening, things become a lot darker.

The small stage in the Belly Dancer room has been transformed to this dirty, refuse site; an old car seat becomes a couch, and the copious amounts of alcohol the character consumes seem to appear from nowhere.

David William Bryan is bursting with paranoid nervous energy, it’s exhausting just to watch him.  He’s barely still for the entire performance and the movements are clearly defined and purposeful, in design from Ollie Kaderbhai. Lone performers have nowhere to hide and that suits David William Bryan just fine, because his powerful performance needs to be front and centre.

Trashed pairs this extraordinary performance with exceptional writing in a finely crafted piece of drama which keeps the audience guessing at every turn.  A play that begins as a comedy and ends in tragedy, and has the audience truly gripped from beginning to end.

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Trashed at Underbelly Cowgate
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