Rehearsal images have been released for Dark Sublime at Traflagar Studios 2, the debut play from Michael Dennis, which stars Marina Sirtis and is directed by Andrew Keates.

Joining Marina Sirtis, as she makes her West End debut, are Jacqueline King  and Simon Thorp, esteemed actor and LQBTQ+ campaigner Sophie Ward  alongside one of the most exciting up and coming UK actors Kwaku Mills. Stage and screen star Mark Gatiss will be lending his voice to the part of Kosley, a hysterical talking computer, in this world premiere of Dark Sublime.

Oli arrives at the door of Marianne, a fading jobbing actress. He’s impatient to make an impression, to make a friend. Marianne knows about waiting – for her turn at something more substantial than a half-remembered role on a cult TV show, for her best friend to see her differently. As Oli forces her back into the past, and a strange, outrageous world she hasn’t visited in almost 40 years, Marianne must find her own way into the future. Together they begin to discover what every good relationship needs: time and space.

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