From The Gut Theatre Announce 7-Day Well-being and Making Work Retreat

From The Gut Theatre Announce Day Well being and Making Work Retreat
From The Gut Theatre Announce Day Well being and Making Work Retreat

From the Gut Theatre will put mental health at the forefront of the creative process as the South-London Theatre company explore new methods throughout their 7-day Well-being and Making Work Retreat.

From the Gut is all about raising awareness of mental health, as well as channelling the power of creativity. Their vision is to enable artists and organisations to work in a different way. The South London theatre company set out to take the local scene by storm with its upfront and unique attitude. Their productions are often rooted in deeply thought-provoking topics. Artistry and performance blend in with storytelling and ideas, touching the whole community.

From the Gut also received praise for their workshops, designed around acting, film-making and other industry topics. Their vision is to make their workshops more inclusive and accessible to the general public. This is especially true when compared to the huge costs that are normally associated with Drama Schools locally and overseas.

Recently, From the Gut announced a new residential retreat initiative. Throughout the span of 7 days, attendees will have the opportunity to unwind and free their creativity. They’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful surrounding of Slack House, an organic farm in Cumbria. The world of acting and performance should be a voice for people and a way to express, cope and share.

However, it is lagging behind in dealing with mental health. The topic is often considered taboo, and many actors suffer from mental and emotional health concerns, with not many outlets to channel their anxieties and feelings. Even when portraying suffering, it doesn’t mean that artists need to suffer. Therefore, better mental health often equals better art. This retreat aims to tackle this delicate topic as well, with the help of a psychotherapist. The process will introduce actors to how mental health falls into play in their creative process, from auditions to performances, and everything in between.

The event will take place in June. It will focus on several key areas, including restoring creative energy and well-being in a supportive environment. Retreat activities will foster professional development, with workshops with industry experts. Attendees will also focus on their personal projects, culminating in a London showcase.

This retreat concept has a special way to combine personal development and creative collaboration. It is going to be a valuable opportunity to grow, share, and establish a new paradigm for creative people and organisations alike. It won’t end after the retreat week. The project will be followed by other matched workshops with arts organisations throughout the following months, with a deeper and extended focus on these themes, and more.

Find out more about From the Gut Theatre, and learn more about this one-of-a-kind retreat initiative here.

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