Isley Lynn’s Skin a Cat to Tour the UK

Skin a Cat c. The Other Richard
Skin a Cat c. The Other Richard

Following an immensely successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe 2018, a previous sell-out, award-winning run at The Vault Festival 2016 and a highly successful run at The Bunker London 2016, Rive Productions are delighted to bring Isley Lynn’s Skin A Cat on tour, directed by Blythe Stewart.

Every teenager thinks they’re the only one not having sex. But for Alana (Lydia Larson), it may well be true. Every time she gets close to doing it, something just seems to get in the way. Soon she can’t help wondering if it’s this tricky for everyone else? Because no one ever said it would be this complicated.

With a kaleidoscope of off kilter characters, Skin A Cat follows Alana on an awkward sexual odyssey; from getting her first period at nine years old and freaking out her frantic mother, to watching bad porn at a house party, to a painful examination by an overly cheery gynaecologist – all in the pursuit of losing her virginity and finally becoming a woman, whatever that means.

Putting a young woman’s struggle with her sexuality front and centre, this semi-autobiographical story is like none you’ve seen before, yet it still feels achingly familiar, breaking stereotypes and hearts in the process. A story about one girl and her relatively rare (yet more common that you’d think) condition vaginismus. As entertaining as it is educational, Skin A Cat is a personal and unflinching look at the pressures of fitting in; an alternative coming of age story about going all the way.

Lydia Larson will be joined on stage by Libby Rodliffe and Joe Eyre.



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