Play Rough London Returns With Fly on the Wall – A 24 Hour Play Challenge

Fly On The Wall
Fly On The Wall

Plays Rough London, the sell out new-writing night is back, live online. Their last event took place the night Boris Johnson announced theatres must close. Since you can’t go out, they invite you in. Presenting the debut of four plays in four different homes, written and staged in just 24 hours

You are invited to be a ‘Fly on the Wall’ to witness scenes that would only take place behind closed doors. Writers will be given a location, actors and an object as stimulus for a play only 24 hours before showtime.

The directors will work with their actors via Zoom but actors in each play are all from the same social bubble. This will enable the performance to be a live theatrical experience.

Plays Rough London have been supporting emerging artists since 2016 through a variety of new-writing events. From outdoor site-specific shows, to plays for a blindfolded audience. They believe to be creative you need to play, they provide an environment where artists can experiment and take risks.

Their aim is to facilitate personal creative growth and the development of projects. Over their last 13 events they have produced 65 plays, some of which have been developed into full-length shows and performed around the globe.

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