Preview: Cara Vita: A Clown Concerto at VAULT Festival

Cara Vita: A Clown Concerto at VAULT Festival
Cara Vita: A Clown Concerto at VAULT Festival

Felicity Hesed’s Cara Vita: A Clown Concerto explores the joys, sorrows, and hilarity of contemporary adulthood through live music, circus, and magic.

“Felicity Hesed is an absolute delight…as an actor, an aerialist, and a physical comedian.
‘Cara Vita’ thoughtfully, playfully, lovingly, joyfully takes us along for the ride.”

– Steve Smith (Emmy Award winner, Clown Hall of Fame inductee, and Big Apple Circus Director)

Cara Vita is both a deeply personal and universally human story. Created and performed by Felicity Hesed, this comedy offers a uniquely female perspective on the struggles of maintaining one’s identity in the midst of family life. Cara Vita: A Clown Concerto incorporates music, trapeze, and magic to spin a whimsical tale of love and loss. Hesed’s show offers a fresh, female voice in the world of clowning.

Felicity Hesed developed this innovative and interactive show in collaboration with award-winning Director Jeff Raz. Felicity Hesed is joined on stage by violinist Clare Armenante who creates an invigorating and masterful soundscape based on Brahms’ Hungarian Dances. The show culminates in a stunning trapeze act, choreographed by master aerialist Elena Panova.

Cara Vita: A Clown Concerto was developed as part of an Artist Residency at Circus Center in San Francisco. It made its world premiere at the San Francisco International Arts Festival. Cara Vita will make its European premiere at VAULT Festival in London this February.

Cara Vita: A Clown Concerto is at VAULT Festival 12th – 16th February 2020.

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