Crossing between illusion and theatre, Philipp Oberlohr’s thrilling new production Das Fest is the surreal sequel to his interactive Das Spiel, which premiered at Ovalhouse and sold out at VAULT Festival in 2016 winning the People’s Choice Award.

Das Fest meaningfully engages audiences, delving into their beliefs, memories and realities. Das Fest is a mindreading experience, celebrating the past and the future of the attendees. Oberlohr could select anyone from the audience –he doesn’t know who will be chosen or what memories they will bring.  It could be anybody.  This mind-blowing production combines new methods of storytelling, live art, clowning, physical theatre and illusions in a way that will knock you off your feet.

Described as Austria’s Derren Brown (The Independent) and Vienna’s Master Illusionist(Metro), illusionist and performer Philipp Oberlohr creates experiences that border between theatre and performance art.

Oberlohr comments, In Das Fest, I want to create a visual prediction, creating images that describe memories of the audience, before they even decide on one. The audience gets this experience of being seen. It is quite something to have somebody take a look at you and describe one of your childhood memories; this is something that I consider a human need, the need to be seen by others. I’m working on Das Fest in the best environment possible: VAULT Festival. They don’t allow me to be conservative. Only conservative of the good things.

Das Fest is at VAULT Festival Wednesday 28th February – Sunday 4th March 2018


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