Preview: SUPERMAN at VAULT Festival

Superman VAULT Festival
Superman VAULT Festival

Remember that 16-year-old house party when you did that thing with that boy in your mate’s parents’ bathroom? Me Too.

Superman is an experimental, gig-theatre project working with students and young people to unravel ideas of consent when we’re young through daring alternative music, chorus work, spoken word and soundscape.

Stemming from a lack of education and confusion around consent and relationships as teenagers and young adults; Superman uses stories and interviews with young people about early sexual experiences and rape culture to encourage conversation around the taboo.

Following Rose Eye’s Superman workshop at the University of East Anglia and it’s sell out performance at Camden People’s Theatre’s ‘Calm Down Dear’ Festival in 2019, Superman is coming to The Vaults Festival for 2020.

Join us in challenging, confusing and interrogating ideas of consent by jumping unashamedly into the depths of the ‘grey area’.

About Rose Eye Productions

An experimental performance and gig-theatre collective, fusing contemporary music & theatre, encouraging social change & conversation. We collaborate with theatre makers, actors, spoken word artists and musicians to develop alternative, daring, cross-art form projects.

Previous work includes multi-award winning HATCH (Underbelly, Edinburgh Fringe 2019, Camden People’s Theatre 2018, Etcetera Theatre, Camden Fringe 2018, Latitude 2018, National Student Drama Festival 2018), THIS: In Progress (Last Word Festival, The Roundhouse, 2019), After Work Social Club (Full Circle, The Roundhouse, 2019) & Superman (Camden People’s Theatre, 2019).

Winners of the Oberon Books Best New Play Award (HATCH, National Student Drama Festival, 2018)
Winners of the Camden People’s Theatre Award 2018 (HATCH, National Student Drama Festival 2018)

Superman is at VAULT Festival 10th – 12th March 2020.  Tickets are on sale here.

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