Preview: Wombmates at Theatre N16

Wombmates Theatre N16
Wombmates Theatre N16

Full Pelt Theatre present their new show, Wombmates, a fast paced, bizarre new ultrasound comedy about two brothers, Eric and David, from conception to birth.

The age old story of boy meets girl. Well boy meets boy – they’re brothers, in a womb. So more like sperm meets egg, becomes foetus and then a baby… or babies in this case, and one mother is in for a big surprise. All of that time in the womb gives these two little Geordies a chance to explore, discover and some questions to ponder. When their 9 months are up, is their really life after birth?

Using clowning, shadow puppetry and physical comedy, Full Pelt Theatre show pregnancy in a whole different light. With a lot of time together, full bellies from “womb” service, and the impending doom of birth, these two boys don’t quite know what is outside for them.

Full Pelt Theatre is a graduate company from East 15 Acting School, Winner of the BA Graduate Award 2016. They combine traditional and contemporary techniques to create and offer an exciting new brand of dynamic theatre with the aim of attracting new audience members. Their first show, The Going Away Days, written by Aaron Dart and directed by Aidan Napier, was selected for the Pulse Festival in Ipswich and the Plymouth Fringe Festival in May 2016. In November 2016 they had a sell-out run at The New Diorama Theatre as part of their Two-Night Stand scheme, supported by the Emerging Companies Fund.

Wombmates is at Theatre N16 March 7th 2017 – March 11th 2017.

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