Billie Trix has become almost as cult a figure in the real world as she was intended to be in the fictional world created for her by Jonathan Harvey and The Pet Shop Boys.  First seen in their original collaboration, Closer to Heaven, Trix was a minor character, a kind of narrator to the main story line, but now she has her own show, playing at the Leicester Square Theatre, Musik had its much-acclaimed debut at the Edinburgh Fringe last year.

Frances Barber reprises her role as Billie Trix, not only from the Edinburgh run but also from the original production of Closer to Heaven at the Arts Theatre.  While that production was to receive mixed reviews, Barber’s performance was often cited as one of the most memorable parts of the production.

In Musik, Billie Trix namedrops her way through a potted history of her life.  She’s a complete fantasist, and tells us how she inspired the work of Andy Warhol, almost became the First Lady, and jammed with the Beatles.  At one point she muses “where did it all go wrong?” Completely oblivious to her obvious lack of talent, declaring “I am art!”