Four Star Review from Theatre WeeklyHaving performed at the Edinburgh Fringe and London, The Quentin Dentin Show has garnered a somewhat cult like status, with Quentin himself becoming a personality in his own right.  With a few successful runs under their belts, it comes as no surprise that an Original Cast Recording has been released, featuring the music and lyrics of Henry Carpenter and produced by Paul Garred, co-founder and original drummer of The Kooks.

For anyone who hasn’t managed to see the glittery explosion that is The Quentin Dentin Show, it’s a wacky and fun look at ordinary people trying to get out of their ordinary lives.  Specifically, Keith and Nat who step out of their own humdrum existence when they discover a golden microphone; speaking their wishes in to this microphone releases Quentin Dentin, a sort of other-worldly game show host who put them through their paces in a series of challenges.

It’s a very funny, if eccentric, production and each of the songs stand alone as good comedy numbers, making it ripe for a cast recording.  The opening number ‘Radio Interruption’ is a little disconcerting but that feeling doesn’t last long as you move in to the main thrust of the album.

These comedic songs feel like they have a real mix of heavy metal and brit pop running through them, particularly ‘Friendzone’, and while they are all far from mainstream they burst with catchy enthusiasm. ‘Holiday’ starts off as a ballad before picking up to a more upbeat tempo, while ‘Lemons’ teaches us an important lesson; when life gives you lemons, get a new life!

Luke Lane, in the title role, manages to convey the sense of his character – a cross between Sheldon Cooper and Richard O’Brien, through the music alone, not an easy task to accomplish.  ‘The Blame Game’ is perhaps one of the funniest songs on the album, while ‘All Together Now’ is a strong and catchy climax.

For fans of The Quentin Dentin show, this cast recording will be a superb reminder of the kooky and bizarre world in which the characters inhabit.  Newcomers, however may struggle to see how all the songs are tied together without the accompanying visual spectacle, but can nevertheless enjoy the eclectic mix of music and lyrics which is sure to surprise and delight in equal measure.

The Quentin Dentin Show Original Cast Recording is released on 14th September, order here.

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