The Animals and Children Took to the Streets
The Animals and Children Took to the Streets

Following in the footsteps of the four-year international touring success of Golem, multi-award winning company 1927 is reviving its smash hit show The Animals and Children took to the Streets. Seamlessly synchronising live music, performance and storytelling with stunning films and animation, this wickedly twisted show returns following its hugely popular premiere in Sydney in 2010, four sell-out, critically acclaimed London seasons, including three at the National Theatre, as well as a global tour which saw the show visit 28 countries.

In 2018, The Animals and Children took to the Streets will open on the company’s home-turf in Margate before touring internationally and visiting Brighton for a month-long festive residency at The Old Market this Christmas and culminating in a month-long run in London at the Lyric Hammersmith next year.

The Animals and Children took to the Streets tells the story of the Bayou Mansions, a sprawling stinking tenement block, where curtain-twitchers and peeping toms live side-by-side and the wolf is always at the door. When Agnes Eaves and her daughter arrive late one night, does it signal hope in this hopeless place, or has the real horror only just begun? Like a giant graphic novel burst into life, 1927 invite the audience on a theatrical journey of startling originality.

1927 Executive Producer Jo Crowley says, “The Animals and Children took to the Streets was the second show we created. When it first premiered many commented on the prescience, of its UK premiere coinciding with student protestors being kettled in Westminster and just a few months later, as the show toured across the UK, the streets of our major cities were taken over by rioters.  When we toured the show to the Middle East in the wake of the Arab spring, audience members thanked us for creating a show that resonated deeply.  The show is universal fable of revolution, anarchy, social mobility and suppression that we think is as relevant now as it was eight years ago. So after a four year sleep, we’re delighted to be breathing new life into The Animals and Children took to the Streets and reviving it to share to new audiences in the UK and overseas.”

Full Tour Details here. 


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