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The Royal Mile during Edinburgh Fringe

Heading to Fringe?

Are you a theatre company gearing up for the exhilarating Edinburgh Fringe Festival? Don’t miss out on the opportunity to maximise the visibility and impact of your show!

Theatre Weekly, a nationally recognised website dedicated to the performing arts, offers limited premium listing spots exclusively for Edinburgh Fringe productions. Join us and showcase your show to a broad and engaged audience.


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  1. 1. Extensive Reach: With our extensive online presence and established reputation, Theatre Weekly attracts theatre enthusiasts from all corners of the country. Your listing will be featured prominently on our platform, ensuring that your show receives the attention it deserves.
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  7. 4. Increased Ticket Sales: Our dedicated readership consists of avid theatregoers who actively seek out new experiences. By placing your show in front of this engaged audience, you enhance your chances of driving ticket sales and filling up your seats.
  9. 5. Amplified Exposure: Beyond the immediate benefits of your listing, Theatre Weekly’s reach extends to various media channels and social networks.

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Once payment is made click ‘Return to Seller’ to be redirected to the listing page.  Copy and save the link if you need to return to it later – you’ll need all of your show information to upload the listing.

How it works...

We’re a theatre website, with an audience primarily interested in theatre.  If your show doesn’t fit into the theatre category you can still list, but please be aware you won’t be reaching the right audience – you might want to try a site that has a focus on your genre.


We use PayPal so your payment is secure

Once payment is made click ‘Return to Seller’ to be redirected to the listing page.  Save the link if your not ready to upload straight away.

The price is for one listing, if you wish to list multiple shows please return to this page to purchase more listings.

Make sure you complete all the fields in the listing, you’ll also need to provide a link (Dropbox or similar) for images

An editor will check over all the information before the listing goes live.  This could take up to 5 working days.

We’ll always try and do a little bit more to try and promote your show

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