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Josh Barrow in Silk Road. Credit - Nick Rutter

Interview: Josh Barrow on Silk Road at Trafalgar Studios

Inspired by interviews with real online drug vendors, Alex Oates’ Silk Road is about the...
Neil Connolly in Lamplighters

Interview: Neil Connolly on Lamplighters at The Old Red Lion

#Interview In Lamplighters Neil Connolly ( @chaos_neil) plays a Spymaster and the audience his spy network.  We caught up with Neil to find out more.
User Not Found c. Justin Jones

Interview: Daphna Attias and Terry O’Donovan on User Not Found

Dante or Die has joined forces with writer Chris Goode to examine what happens to...

Interview: Conor Cook on Locked Up at Tristan Bates Theatre

After performing in Locked Up by Heather Simpkin at a preview performance last year, Conor Cook is thrilled to be back at the Tristan Bates Theatre with the first full-length production. 
Luke Thomas Interview Peepshow Circa

Interview: Luke Thomas on Circa’s Peepshow at Underbelly Festival

Circa, ‘The rockstars of the circus world’ come to London with Peepshow, an exciting European...

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