Guest Reviewer Programme

At Theatre Weekly we pride ourselves on being the voice of the audience. We recognise that the vast majority of theatre-goers aren’t from within the industry, and will want to read lots of opinions before deciding which tickets to spend their money on. Demand is increasing, and we are always looking for guest reviewers to contribute to our theatre community.

Review at

Review at Edinburgh Fringe

In Edinburgh for The Fringe? Want to see lots of shows? How about getting in to them all for free?! We receive hundreds of requests to review shows every year at the Edinburgh Fringe, but we can't do them all on our own. That's where you come in, we get you the ticket and you write a review of the show in return. Your review will be published on Theatre Weekly under your own by-line, so it's great if you need to build up a portfolio of published work. You'll need to commit to reviewing a minimum of 15 productions, and to submitting your review within 24 hours, but apart from that you can choose which productions your review. Comedy, Theatre, Musicals, Dance and more all available. We are the voice of the audience, so as long as you have strong writing skills, reviewing experience isn't necessary.

We are reviewers, not critics.

We want to support productions as much as we want to support audience choice, that means instead of looking for faults we lay out what someone can expect when they but tickets for a particular show. We’ll highlight what’s good, and not so good, giving a general feel for the production.

Demand is increasing...

....and we are always looking for guest reviewers to contribute to our theatre community. You’ll need to have excellent writing skills to be able to be a guest reviewer for Theatre Weekly.

While a background in theatre is useful, it’s not essential.

You will be the voice of the audience, our readers want to know what a show will be like for them, as long as you can describe the experience you had, it will help other people make an informed choice.

This is a fantastic opportunity

to see lots of exciting theatre (without having to buy a ticket) and to get your work published, and read by a large audience.

Most reviews are in London...

but we welcome applications from across the country. We are particularly interested in hearing from people in festival cities, like Edinburgh and Brighton.

What’s in it for you?

Aside from the free ticket, our Guest Reviewer Programme gives you the opportunity to have your published under your own by-line. We will also link to social media profiles of your choosing.

What shows will I see?

You could be asked to review anything, but you get to choose the ones you sign up to. The majority of productions will be off-west end, which is an excellent way to see new and exciting productions, and build up your experience of theatre.

How often will I get to review?

That’s really up to you, we make all our review opportunities open to all our guest reviewers, you simply choose the ones you want to do.

Think you have what it takes to be a guest reviewer on Theatre Weekly?