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American Idiot Review

Reviewed 2015 RETURNING 2016 Find Tickets It’s hard to believe that eleven years have passed since Green Days landmark rock opera album ‘American Idiot’ was released, it led to five hit singles but also, more importantly to the delight of fans, a Tony Award winning

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Grand Hotel Review

31st July - 5th September 2015 Find Tickets As the name suggests this beautiful musical gives us a brief glimpse in to the lives of the guests and staff of the Grand Hotel, in late 1920's Berlin to be precise. In the vein of Neil

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The Mentalists Review

3rd July - 29th August 2015 Find Tickets The first thing I noticed as Stephen Merchant burst on to stage was how many seats were empty. I had almost an entire row to myself. Considering this was the first Saturday night this comedy from Richard

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Future Conditional Review

1st September - 3rd October 2015 Find Tickets Future Conditional is a new play by Tamsin Oglesby, and is performed under the gilt proscenium arch of the Old Vic Theatre, in this first outing for new Artistic Director Matthew Warchus. A modern play tackling a

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Dear Lupin Review

30th July - 19th September 2015 Find Tickets Based on the best-selling novel of the same name and adapted for the stage by Michael Simkins, 'Dear Lupin' tells the story of racing pundit, and national treasure, Roger Mortimer and his relationship with his son Charlie,

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Edges Review

16th September - 1st October 2015 Find Tickets A musical, but not in the traditional sense, 'Edges' from Pasek and Paul has arrived at the London Theatre Workshop, opening with a bang and a well-deserved standing ovation. A new company, 'Peak Productions', led by Michael

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As Is Review

1st July - 1st August 2015 Find Tickets ‘As Is’ has one big claim, that it is the 'first AIDS play'.  Some dispute this, but given that it was first performed in New York in 1985, just a few short years after the first diagnosis of

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