Bryony Kimmings and Brian Lobel Launch #GigAid to Support Artists Who Have Had Gigs Cancelled as a Result of Covid-19 Pandemic

Bryony Kimmings Credit Richard Davenport
Bryony Kimmings Credit Richard Davenport

#GigAid, launched by Bryony Kimmings and Brian Lobel is an emergency financial lifeline for creative artists whose projects were cancelled in March, April and May as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and for whom gigs are their main source of income.

In March #GigAid raised and gave over £30k of support to artists, with an average assistance of £300. While there are other initiatives and opportunities available (including from ACE, Musicians Union, etc) there are still people who fall outside those criteria and need urgent help. Each donor is matched to an artist, direct peer-to-peer assistance from those working in the arts that feel they are able to help, donors so far have offered between £100-£500 each.

For the April funding round, #GigAid aims to make payments to artists today (Friday 24th April). They’ve received over £5000 for this month so far, but applications to receive support are still coming through and may even swamp the March figure.

Applications are coming from musicians, drag queens, singers, performers who keep themselves afloat with other work (children’s parties or café / bar staff) – all artists not eligable for ACE support. Lots of artists are waiting for Universal Credit which takes weeks to be processed or won’t cover their outgoings. Many of the artists are supporting their families as the sole breadwinner.

Recipients of donated money from the March round have reached out with overwhelming gratitude, at being able to put food on their table and clawing back some of their dignity.

Bryony and Brian said: “We need broader systemic change. We need better support for artists and precarious workers. We need the government to honour the tremendous contribution that culture and the arts (and those who work in these fields) make to the UK. Until then, #GigAid wants to help how we can, and provide that help NOW.”

If you are able to support artists with a donation of £100 – £500 please contact

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