Edinburgh Interview: Archie Maddocks on Matchstick

Archie Maddocks on Matchstick
Archie Maddocks on Matchstick

As heard on BBC Radio 4’s New Comedy Award and BBC Radio 4 Extra’s Comedy Club, Archie’ Maddocks’ natural stage presence, quick wit and confident, cheerful, provocative and, most importantly hilarious stand-up comedy has made him one of the most in demand comics on the British and international comedy circuit.

Matchstick is Archie’s third Edinburgh show, following his debut Shirts Vs Skins in 2016, which received rave reviews and toured South Africa in 2017. Last year’s IlluminArchie received critical acclaim from critics and audiences and was followed by a transfer to the prestigious Soho Theatre in London and London’s VAULT Festival in early 2018.

Matchstick is coming to Just The Tonic at The Mash House, what can you tell us about it?      

It’s funny, dark in parts, and the performer is fiendishly attractive.

What inspired you to write the Matchstick?      

I wasn’t inspired, I had to write about it. So, sort of, the show is a tribute to the Grenfell Tower Tragedy. I knew people in the tower and am heartbroken at how some people tend to portray the people in there – I’m also upset that people already seem to be forgetting. I don’t want people to forget – ever.

What’s the best/worst thing about writing a show for Edinburgh Fringe?             

Best is going to places you didn’t know you could and finding routines you had no idea you would ever reach for. Worst is previewing in Kent…

What’s the most challenging thing about performing in Matchstick?     

Getting it right. Holding it together. The ending is quite emotional for me (and I don’t do emotions) so in some previews I’ve had my voice cracking and shit like that, but the more I do it, the better it gets (I hope. If you were at that preview in Kent, you’re wrong).

How does it feel to be at Just The Tonic at The Mash House?        

Great, had a good relationship with them from the start and they’ve always been good to me.

Who should come and see Matchstick?

Anyone and everyone. Maybe not super sensitive folk that don’t like swearing, would rather not any racists but I’ll take what I can get.

Archie Maddocks Matchstick is at Just The Tonic at The Mash House 2nd – 26th August 2018 (not 13th).


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