John-Luke Roberts
John-Luke Roberts

One of the Fringe’s acknowledged masters of the avant-garde, the riskily niche cultural reference, and the extended riff on Geoffrey Chaucer, returns to Edinburgh with a new hour of hyper-articulate stupidity and a title which will cause misery across arts desks this summer.

Last year Roberts chalked up some of his best ever reviews for ‘Look On My Works, Ye Mighty, And Despair (All In Caps)’, which mashed together the godfather of English poetry with Britney Spears-deconstruction, globally significant issues, and a lot of borderline nudity in a riotous shitstorm of laughs. Now he’s back, probably still not wearing enough clothes and very likely dicking about with balloons once more, with what will again be one of the most unusual and unmissable shows in the comedy section.

Roberts’ arsenal this time may include – but is not limited to – ‘Worrissey’, a combination of Wario and Morrissey; a trek through the 24 lost Spice Girls (Mel A and D-Z); some stuff about pirates; and the unearthed Alan Bennett story ‘A House With Two Loos’. John Luke reserves the right to discard any or all of these segments if the demographic of a given night proves unsuitable.

Amongst all the absurdity, John Luke has steadily carved out a reputation as a master of Fringe mayhem, one of the most gleefully funny character/cabaret/Chaucer tribute acts to be found at the festival. Get ready to laugh hard again. Although nothing can fully prepare you for him. But it is still sensible to get ready, as you would for other shows.

John-Luke Roberts is a writer and Gaulier trained actor and comedian who has created 6 solo shows for the Edinburgh Fringe between 2010 and 2017 – including cult favourites “ which have all been critically acclaimed with several Soho Theatre transfers. Titles include cult favourites Stnad-Up, Stdad-Up, John-Luke Roberts Builds A Monster and Look on My Works, Ye Mighty, And Despair! (All in Caps)

He co-hosts the hugely successful Alternative Comedy Memorial Society with Thom Tuck, which has had residencies at the Soho Theatre, The New Red Lion, and The Bill Murray. Channel 4 commissioned a series of Blaps based on the club, directed by Chris Shepherd, which John Luke wrote and starred in.

John-Luke has written for Have I Got News For You, Newzoids and Nevermind the Buzzcocks. His sitcom Bull, co-written with Gareth Gwynn, aired on UKTV Gold and starred Robert Lindsay and Maureen Lipman. He was part of the Royal Court Writers Group and received the BBC Radio Comedy Writers Bursary in 2009.

As an actor, he has appeared in Channel 4’s Babylon and played Nigel Mainpart in his sitcom Bull. He plays ‘Graeme’ in the world tour and West End run of hit parody play Graeme of Thrones.

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