Edinburgh Preview: Thor and Loki at Assembly Roxy (Upstairs)

Thor and Loki - courtesy of courtesy Karla Gowlett
Thor and Loki - courtesy of courtesy Karla Gowlett

In a society tearing itself apart through fear, greed and violence, the apocalypse approaches and unlikely friendships blossom. Thor and Loki, the new fierce and fabulous comedy musical by Cameron Mackintosh Resident Composer Harry Blake, reimagines ancient myths through a modern lens. Packed full of wit, charm and unforgettable tunes, this is a coming of age story about The End of the World.

The fate of the Gods rests on Thor’s mighty shoulders, but he hates violence and prefers writing poetry. Half-Giant Loki is out for revenge, but beneath her monstrous form lies a heart of pure gold. As they wrestle with their destinies, their families and the powers that be, they question what it means to be a hero. Through epic battles, fiery ballads and a chorus of tap-dancing trolls, can these misfits find the strength to be themselves and change the world?

Harry Blake’s new score draws on pop, rock and opera with a heavy sprinkling of razzle dazzle. Directed by Eleanor Rhode (Teddy, The Vaults; Boudica, Shakespeare’s Globe), Thor and Loki is created with House of Blakewell – the celebrated cabaret duo Harry Blake and Alice Keedwell – and marks the culmination of a five-year collaboration with Vicky Graham Productions. Selected for HighTide: Edinburgh, a prestigious mentoring scheme, it tackles profound modern issues including identity and the damaged nature of society with heart and humour.

Writer Harry Blake comments, “I’ve been fascinated by Norse mythology since I was a child – I’m a huge dork so I love anything with dragons and magic. The stories are off the wall and the gods are deeply flawed, impulsive and human. They provide the perfect material for a comedy. As I was writing, I wondered: if I were born a god, what would I do? How would I use my privilege? Musicals fill me with joy, and I’d like people to leave with a spring in their step, a song in their heart and the courage to make the world a better place. I’m such a sap!”

Thor and Loki has been commissioned, developed and produced by Vicky Graham Productions and is presented in Edinburgh in association with HighTide and Something for the Weekend with support from the North Wall and Harlow Playhouse. The piece was originally developed with the generous support of Arts Council England, Camden People’s Theatre and the Old Vic Lab.

Thor and Loki is at Assembly Roxy (Upstairs).

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