Edinburgh Preview: Very Blue Peter Gilded Balloon Teviot (Billiards Room)

Very Blue Peter - courtesy of Jackson Bews
Very Blue Peter - courtesy of Jackson Bews

Very Blue Peter gives you the chance to watch an episode of Blue Peter that was never aired! Anyone who is sentimental about the much-loved programmes of their youth, should come and experience kids’ TV for adults. In 1998 Richard Bacon was fired from Blue Peter. What many people don’t realise is that this was a cover up for something much, much bigger.

On 3rd April 1998, TCC (The Children’s Channel) was closed by the BBC for ‘unknown reasons’. Imagine if three months later, popular TCC presenters Jez, Tracey and Jake, had broken into the BBC studios, locked all the doors, held the guests and school children for that day’s episode hostage, and forced the BBC to record this episode. And if they refused? Then the presenters would have revealed the many dirty BBC secrets that we now know today. So, Very Blue Peter was recorded. This is the premise behind this hour of utter insanity but, of course, it never really happened.

Starring Lauren Douglin, Anthony Fagan, Toby Boutall, Victoria Gibson and Matt Daniels, Very Blue Peter is an absurd, crazy comedy, featuring the music of ‘Swedish Death Candy’ – a modern psychedelic rock band. With alcoholic raffle prizes, special guests from other Edinburgh shows and audience participation, this manic show is fast, furious and all about nostalgia.

Writer/Director Toby Boutall comments, “We’re on a mission to create something that stares in the face of politically charged, finger pointing theatre and asks don’t you still fancy having a bit of fun? With Very Blue Peter you’re going to be completely immersed. You’ll have no choice but to be a participant in this mind-blowing experience as we recreate the episode of Blue Peter that you never saw coming.”

Very Blue Peter is at Gilded Balloon Teviot (Billiards Room).

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