Four Star Review from Theatre WeeklyEnvironmental issues are always ripe for discussion, but recent events and a certain US President seem to have made the issue even more pertinent.  # The play had a sold-out preview run in New York, before making its Fringe debut at the Zoo Charteris venue.

It’s 2018, but the world isn’t how we recognise it today.  In this sci-fi inspired drama giant solar flares are threatening the earth’s surface and killing whole cities at a time.  In the American wilderness, a commune surrounded by corn fields is inhabited by Frank Sr. (played by writer Michael Galligan).  He’s a bit of a wacko, consumed by conspiracy theories, the scribblings on his wall indicate an unstable mind.

His daughter Ellen, played by Melissa Mahoney is an environmentalist and vlogger, while her brother, also Frank and played by Sam Metzger works for the very company responsible for the solar flares, Syzygy.  The trio must put their family differences aside in order to defeat an evil CEO and save the world, but with many skeletons in the closet it looks doubtful they can pull it off.

Solarplexus blends dramatic theatre with an alternative style of comedy, it may not be to everyone’s taste but there’s no doubting the passion which has been pumped in to every aspect of this production.  Melissa Mahoney is particularly strong as the optimistic daughter, and the live music/sound effects add something a little different.

For all it’s wackiness, Solarplexus is very strong analysis of what it means to make the right decision, through the eyes of a dysfunctional family we see them have to debate and argue over the choice to save themselves or humanity. Overall though, it’s a fun and enlightening hour of unique theatre.

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Solarplexus at Zoo Charteris
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