This autumn, Iris Theatre will transform Hoxton Hall into a magical world where stories of Ali Baba, Ala’ad-Din and Sinbad the Sailor unfold in their new adaptation of Arabian Nights. Adapted by Nessah Muthy (Heroine, The Host) and directed by Daniel Winder (Iris Theatre), this celebration of the cultural history of Islam and the wider ancient world promises to be a spectacular evening of storytelling.

Arabian Nights is at Hoxton Hall 12th September – 13th October 2018.

You’re appearing in Arabian Nights at Hoxton Hall, what can you tell us about it? 

The show is a collection of folk stories that are set in the ancient regions of the Middle East. Our production has integrated exotic music and puppetry alongside a modern translation of the stories to create something really special. There is humour and tragedy in equal measure so there really is something for everyone!

What do you like most about your character?

Sharazad has a wonderful, natural protective instinct that I really admire. She has a powerful journey within the story which has been fascinating for me to explore. She’s also pretty fierce too which has been fun to work with!

What is it about Nessah Muthy’s script that makes this production stand out?

Nessah’s version of the text is great because it is modern and accessible whilst still retaining essences from the original text and its regions. The intertwining stories are individually set in locations across the middle east and so, influence the colour and atmosphere of the play nicely.

What makes Hoxton Hall the ideal venue for Arabian Nights

Hoxton Hall is the perfect venue for Arabian Nights because the space has an intimate charm that is emulated in so many of the stories that we are telling. The building is quaint and there is a huge sense of community within the area which has made the rehearsal process a really friendly experience for us all.

What would you say to anyone thinking of coming to see Arabian Nights?

Definitely come and see the show! The cast are brilliant and we each bring something of our own experience to the production. We have worked hard to create something that is vibrant and exciting to watch. The set and costume design utterly transform the space so you’ll feel completely immersed in this beautiful and delightful tale.

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