Last Man Standing Theatre N16
Last Man Standing Theatre N16

Theatre N16’s First Credit scheme, giving an opportunity for actors to gain their first credit in the industry, continues in 2017 with Last Man Standing, performed entirely by new graduates, which tackles the Great War as we head towards the final year of the centenary and was originally written by y11 GCSE English students from Wales High School – a comprehensive school near Sheffield – and collated by Jude Cole.

The heart is torn from a sleepy English village by the tragic events of the first day of the Somme. This play explores the fine line which divides loyalty and duty; love and obsession. A haunting tale which asks the question: could you make the ultimate sacrifice for a brother in arms?

Last Man Standing was originally devised, written and directed by students on a field trip to Derbyshire. Scenes were improvised outside in ‘trenches’, and the relationships between the friends reflect the real friendships of those who participated. As such, this piece rings very true, as many of those who entered the war were of the students’ age.

Now Theatre N16’s Deputy Artistic Director, Courtney Larkin, will be using this script to create a physical and dynamic production, focusing on the universal stories of friendship, enmity, courage, cowardice, guilt, innocence, love and hate, all against the backdrop of the first day in the Battle of the Somme.

First Credit, produced by Theatre N16, provides new actors with a first theatre credit, as well as on-the-job training and advice from industry mentors through workshops and constant support, as well as a fee and sustenance for their involvement.

Last Man Standing is part of Theatre N16’s Aftershock, an entire season of military themed plays in remembrance of wars past, discussion of current conflicts and warning of those which may yet come to pass. Three core plays deals with a different side of what it means to go to war and how it changes us in the process, alongside many other short plays, one night runs and other pieces. Tickets will be available to all core shows in a £30 season pass.

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