Preview: Myth Independent at the Gielgud Theatre RADA

Myth Independent
Myth Independent

The stories of the women of Metamorphoses echo through the ages; in Myth Independent, they reverberate off of 5 millennial women, looking back to find the path forward. Constellations Theatre Company attempts to answer the big questions that Ovid never did in Metamorphoses.

Was Orpheus the original pseudo-sensitive soft boy? Diana a queer icon? Juno just a hard done by homemaker?

A series of vignettes make up a wry, satirical and ‘surprisingly educational’ feminist re-imagining of a classic. The show has a DIY aesthetic: five women, their instruments, a voice recorder and some fairy lights are enough to let these characters speak – or indeed not speak – for themselves. Through songs, stories and silence, Myth Independent gives Ovid’s women autonomy.

Myth Independent is at The Gielgud Theatre RADA on 26th June 2019.


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