Preview: Nathan & Ida’s Hot Dog Stand at The Space

Nathan & Ida's Hot Dog Stand credit HWilmshurst
Nathan & Ida's Hot Dog Stand credit HWilmshurst

Nathan and Ida Hardwerker leave the old country to build a better life for themselves in the New World: With nothing but a will to succeed and a secret recipe for sauce, they discover love, dice with danger and tangle with villains to create the hottest hot dog in town.

Will Coney Island learn to love their bun-pups? Will their nemesis, Feltman, get his hands on the secret recipe? Will love conquer all? Find out in this five-star, award-winning whirlwind comedy and heart-warming romance.

Created by comedy duo Nathan and Ida, the show is inspired by a real life hot dog stand run by a couple actually called Nathan and Ida – yes, really! A must for anyone who wants to feel a little bit of joy.

Nathan & Ida’s Hot Dog Stand is at The Space 6th – 17th August 2019.

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