Preview: Open at VAULT Festival

Open VAULT Festival
Open VAULT Festival

New play Open by upcoming playwright Christopher Adams and his husband, actor Tim Allsop is set to run at VAULT Festival, London’s coolest theatre event, in January.

Chris and Tim are married, but like 40 per cent of gay couples, they’re in an open relationship.

Switching between verbatim, storytelling and real-life comedy drama, Chris and Tim invite you under the covers for an intimate exploration of their love, jealousy and desire for one another…and many, many others.

Drawing on Grindr chats, private emails, and interviews with current and former lovers, Open is an up-close and personal modern day romance, for anyone curious enough to find out. Exploring the ups and downs, the ins and outs of, the politics and the human cost of being ‘open’, the plays asks if it is all worth it…

The play has been selected for inclusion in Plays from Vault 4 – an anthology of the seven best plays from VAULT Festival 2019. It is the second time Chris has featured in the anthology; he is the first writer to do so.

Authors Christopher Adams and Tim Allsop say: “Given that 40-50 percent of gay men are in open relationships, we felt there was still a lot of secrecy and shame around the issue, especially since the political agenda over the last few years has been about equal marriage. Open relationships have posed a threat to this political narrative. Now that we are a few years removed from that struggle we feel it’s time to speak openly about the different kinds of relationships that exist in the gay and queer community. As we’ve been working on the piece we have become aware of the tensions between marriage and how many of us choose to live and express our love. It has encouraged us to explore how we might change the institution of marriage from a gay and queer perspective. What we want from writing and performing the piece is to have candid conversations with the people we’ve had relationships with and to share those with a wider audience. We hope to make talking about relationships easier for everyone—no matter what form those relationships take.“

The play is produced by LGBTQ+ theatre company, Full Disclosure, whose short play night, XPOSED has enjoyed success at the Southwark Playhouse in 2018. The curated events reveal the naked and entertaining truths about queer life.  Open is their first full length show. Full Disclosure Artistic Directors Chris Davis and Sam Luffman say: “We’re incredibly excited to be bringing Open to VAULT 2019. Chris and Tim are a lovely couple who have created a unique show with director Will about their personal lives, offering a refreshing and endearing angle on an increasingly hot topic. We can’t wait to share this intimate story with audiences, which we’ve no doubt will get people talking.”

Open is at VAULT Festival 23rd to 27th January 2019.

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