Preview: Reboot: Shorts 2 at The Bunker Theatre

Rebbot Shorts 2 at The Bunker
Rebbot Shorts 2 at The Bunker

Hot on the trail of their recent show, Reboot Theatre returns to the Bunker Theatre with Reboot: Shorts 2, a new series of short plays by emerging writers, that explore the secrets, fragility and cruelty of love and human relationships.

“A really interesting showcase of clever, moving and witty writing, delivered by some really strong performances” (Spy in the Stalls on Reboot: Shorts, April 2018)

By Tim Fraser
Northern lad Will doesn’t believe in love at first sight. But when he sees Candy perform on stage (no, that’s not her real name), he’ll be forced to question everything he thought he knew about himself.

By Harry ter Haar
Late at night after a boozy dinner two couples get into a heated discussion over what ‘cheating’ means to each of them and to their horror discover that they all have a different understanding of the word.

By Sascha Moore
“It wasn’t my fault. Couldn’t make it stop.”
A car journey. A party. A love story gone wrong.
“It wasn’t. I couldn’t. But. But. It’s ok. Because you love me. Don’t you. You said. Said you love me. No matter what. Don’t you. Don’t you.”

Kiss Kiss
By Lily Shahmoon
Hayley and Chris have an inappropriate office romance at the most inappropriate time. KISS KISS is a series of text conversations between them, exploring what it’s like to love with an expiration date.

The Answer
By Tom Glover
It’s 1973, Clive is thrilled about his latest piece of technology – an ansaphone – Jenny is not so sure. As they begin to experiment with their new toy, they discover that far from just answering their phone, it starts to change their mindset.

By Laura Harper
Lucinda is trying to work her way up the social ladder and save herself from her parent’s fate. Ash on the other hand, has rejected his highborn status in favour of joining the Resistance. The two find themselves in the middle of a fox hunt for two very different reasons; or so they think.

Reboot: Shorts 2 is at The Bunker Theatre 15th and 22nd October 2018.

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