Preview: Rosie Kay Dance Company: 10 SOLDIERS at Edinburgh Festival Theatre

10 Soldiers
10 Soldiers

From the choreographer of the Commonwealth Games Handover Ceremony comes 10 Soldiers a thrilling and humane portrait of army life telling the stories of men and women serving on the front line.

War from a female perspective packs a punch“, The Observer

Rosie Kay doesn’t do things by halves“, The Guardian

In 2008, choreographer Rosie Kay joined the 4th Battalion The Rifles, to watch and participate in full battle exercises, and spent time with injured soldiers at the National Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre. What came of these observations was the award-winning, five-star work 5 SOLDIERS.

Ten years on, Rosie Kay expands the work for the large stage with 10 Soldiers. Now a full Army squad, 10 Soldiers takes a fresh look at life in 2019’s British Army including issues of equality and diversity.

The cast of ten dancers play the roles of a company of soldiers who train together, building stamina and expertise, before being sent into the heart of a conflict zone. Together they experience the physical and psychological effects of war, forming life-long friendships along the way whilst witnessing both the brutality and compassion humanity is capable of.

Charged with Kay’s trademark intense athletic dance theatre, 10 Soldiers explores how the human body – with both fragility and incredible inner strength – remains on the frontline of war.

Rosie Kay, choreographer says: “Working with soldiers over the last ten years has been an incredible and eye-opening experience. Over 8,000 people join the British Army each year yet it’s not a world that many members of the public get to access. Dance and theatre increase this access, enabling the general public to see behind the curtain and learn about soldiers’ lives, witnessing the foundations of their commitment to each other, inner strength and dedication in coping with war and recovery.  I’ve been thrilled to hear such positive feedback from soldiers, with 5 SOLDIERS gaining a loyal following from members of the military and their families. A lot has changed in The Army since my initial research ten years ago, so 10 SOLDIERS is updated to reflect that. Hopefully even more people will have the opportunity to see the show now we are taking it to bigger stages around the country.”

10 Soldiers is at Edinburgh Festival Theatre on 30th May

There will be a talk after the performance which will last approximately 20 minutes.

5 SOLDIERS: The Body is the Frontline received 5-star reviews in the Independent, Observer, The Herald and The Scotsman as well as a Special Commendation from the Royal Society of Public Health.

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