Preview: She Arrives at The Bread and Roses Theatre

She Arrives
She Arrives

She Arrives is a one-hour, one-woman critical comedy about a young woman who is sick of her generation’s unending sickness (“Oh, sick of being sick, are you? People like you should be sick of themselves!” someone shouts back as she confesses). She is chained to £50-thousand debt like a medieval torture device just for having tried to learn, in her serfdom to abstract capitalism she hands all her money over to a tyrannical landlord, her generation can never even dream of the ‘luxury’ and ‘privilege’ of owning a home, condemned eternally to single bedroom renting… She has had enough, so she decides to get revenge.

The play attempts to unify the academic discourse of emancipation with the everyday struggle to be free and equal.

She Arrives has been at the Camden Fringe Festival this year and at Katzpace Theatre, filling both theatres and receiving great reviews.

Sadia Gordon, the one-woman actress, is the co-creator of the New Zealand feminist sensation ‘Flaps’, and performed in the New Zealand version of ‘The Vagina Monologues’. Although a collective effort, the play is mainly written and directed by Elliot C. Mason, a regular on the London poetry scene and in poetry competitions, and writer of two previous plays, philosophy articles in magazines and, most recently, a novel.

She Arrives is at The Bread and Roses Theatre 16th and 17th September 2018.

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