Preview: The Luncheon at Tristan Bates Theatre

The Luncheon Tristan Bates Theatre
The Luncheon Tristan Bates Theatre

The Luncheon is a surreal two-hander play which explores space, time and matter over the course of one lunch.-’A meal’s whole ceremony in a single conversation. Just one meal. And in that meal all their previous conversations’-.

Do not come looking for answers. Here as these two humans eat lunch, you won’t find them. The duo take you on a visually dense, experimental non-linear ride & makes no attempts to make the abstract understandable.

You aren’t left with a neat conclusion or a clear sense of story, instead it offers sharp highly choreographed fragmented ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ shards of comedy, drama, joy, sorrow, racism, sexism, surrealism, queerness, classism and more all through the lens of the acting industry & society at large.

The only thing you can expect is for the pair to eat. Nothing else is promised.

All we know is that everything will go on as long as they keep eating.

The Luncheon is at The Tristan Bates Theatre 15th June 2019.

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