Preview: The Parentheticals: Improdyssey at Etcetera Theatre

The Parentheticals Improdyssey Camden Fringe
The Parentheticals Improdyssey Camden Fringe

Improdyssey is the comedy show which combines epic improvised narratives with Whose Line is it Anyway-style games. These highly interactive fantasy quests are entirely inspired by your suggestions.

You title the story, set locations, and move players around the stage. Previous ad-libbed adventures include The Quest for a Mother’s Love, The Quest for the Book of Kells, and The Quest for Zing.

The Parentheticals are a multinational ensemble of improvisers and feature players from America, Canada, France, and Ireland. They have played at Brighton Fringe, Improv Fest Ireland, and Shoreditch Improv Festival. In December 2018, they performed their one hundredth show.

Improdyssey is at Etcetera Theatre 11th and 12th August 2019.

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