Reasons to Visit One Festival at The Space

One Festival The Space
One Festival The Space

There are so many new and exciting pieces of theatre floating around London right now, that it can feel like there aren’t enough nights in the week to see everything that deserves to be seen.  So, the prospect of seeing five in one night, courtesy of One Festival at The Space was definitely appealing.

The Space, housed in a former church, is a little gem of a performance space tucked away in The Isle of Dogs, with the DLR making it relatively easy to reach. This January sees The Space run its annual One Festival for the fifth time, lasting three weeks, there are five rotating programmes of work.

For One Festival, each piece has, usually, one performer and lasts anything from ten to forty minutes. We went along to see Programme A, attracted by ‘Eyes to The Wind’ by David Hendon and performed by Sam Curry. We’d caught this fantastic drama at Windsor Fringe and were keen to see which performances would sit alongside it.

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