You’ve never seen anything like Lockdown Town before and it will exceed all of your expectations. Spoiler alert: in spite of the title, it doesn’t talk about COVID; rather, it helps you to forget about it. It’s the best thing to do in London during the pandemic, and it might be the best thing to do in London, full stop.

Lockdown Town is neither a musical nor a gig, it’s more than that. This is an immersive live experience that takes you on a unique musical journey through time. Each room within a 30,000 square feet maze of underground tunnels transfers the socially-distanced audience to a different musical style and era. This retrospective, wonderful journey starts with Rock & Roll in the 1950s moves through Jazz, Swing, Blues and Folk.

All the musicians and dancers are exceptionally talented. The flapper swing vocalist and the blues cowboy with a guitar deserve particular attention due to their effortlessness and incredible vocal ranges, but everyone is truly incredible. Each gig leaves almost a sense of longing because you want to stay and listen for much longer.

Moreover, they reimagine the ambience of each era with attention to the smallest detail. The costumes, lighting and stage design create a perfect illusion of time travel. Lockdown Town gives a flavour of different musical ages, but also, of normal reality which allows live music and dance. At each step of the journey, you can pick a drink from the extensive options to intensify the experience and feel as though you’re actually enjoying a gig at a jazz bar in New York.

Additionally, Lockdown Town is a perfect socially-distanced production. The show moves through different tunnels within the enormous space; therefore, more people can see it and enjoy it, in line with current safety rules. It’s a clever idea which doesn’t ruin the theatrical experience at all.

If you miss live music, dancing and, simply the joy of life, then Lockdown Town is a must-see.

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One Night Records Presents Lockdown Town
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One Night Records Presents Lockdown Town
Magdalena is a student of English Language and Literature Linguistics at The University of Edinburgh, she reads 3 books a week and speaks 4 languages. Magdalena writes in the Music section for The Student newspaper – the oldest student newspaper in UK. She is an aspiring musician with 9 years of experience in music college a guitar and piano player, vocalist and new songwriter.


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