The Level of Being

The Level of Being Hen and Chickens
The Level of Being Hen and Chickens

Nothing is more exciting than the premiere of a new show, so there is much excitement in the Theatre Weekly office at the announcement of a new dark comedy, The Level of Being, which will make its London debut at the Hen and Chickens Theatre this October.

Martin Arrowsmith’s surrealist comedy drama will run for three nights on October 7th, 8th, and 9th.  Starring Ottilie Mackintosh, best known for playing a young Joanna Lumley in Sky 1’s Little Crackers, The Level of Being, is a one-woman show that asks whether decisions we perceive to make out of self-fulfilment are in fact willful acts of self-destruction.

Mackintosh plays Louise; her marriage is failing, she hates her job, and her so-called friends are never there for her.

But she’s turning her life around, all thanks to Dr. Doreen McDonald’s inspiring self-help bible ‘The Level of Being’.  A powerful treatise on how to fulfil your life’s true potential, Louise adjusts her life following her guru’s advice – she’s meditating, meeting new people and pursuing her new-found dreams of becoming an actress.

Is Dr. Doreen’s advice really all it’s cracked up to be? And at what point does Louise have to start thinking for herself?

Following a sell-out run in Nottingham, the play also features Elliot Keefe and Stephanie Houtman as ‘X’ and ‘Y’ – the silent partners in Louise’s self-absorbed world.

Ottillie said: “Louise is fascinating because she’s so extreme and yet so recognisable.  The combination of the very dark humour and candid dialogue make for an unsettling experience.  Like a car crash you want to look away from and yet find yourself drawn to, Louise leaves you unable to turn away. Everybody knows a Louise; it’s a disturbing familiarity.”

With tickets at a super- reasonable £8, we think this London Premiere is definitely one not to miss. You’ll find it at the Hen and Chickens Theatre, Islington, for three nights on October 7th, 8th and 9th.

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