Theatre N16 Announces 2018 Artist Development Programme

Theatre N16 Catapult
Theatre N16 Catapult

Theatre N16 strive to support artists who are without the luxury of personal backing or funding. This summer CATAPULT– a new mentoring scheme, giving six companies the opportunity to preview new shows and meet industry programmers and producers seeks to further these aims. This exciting new scheme will run alongside FIRST CREDIT, a yearly in-house production cast exclusively with new actors, and WOLAB, a free programme to get actor writers onto the stage with the support of industry leaders.

Theatre N16 are unique in their business plans and aims, supporting new companies by giving them a home and financial support through box-office splits and equity approval. Despite having faced many hardships, Theatre N16 is the theatre that won’t give up. Ironically now based in N17, the venue is more determined than ever to make theatre open to all, regardless of background and personal circumstance.

Founded by Jamie Eastlake, Theatre N16 provides opportunities for up and coming theatre companies, writers and actors without any large overheads to cripple them. Now in their third location, they are just as determined to ensure this goal is achieved and that theatre is open to everyone. Instead of working off business models that rely on funding the theatre first, they take a leap of faith with new companies and believe having a good fringe theatre model is what is needed to inject new work into the West End.

Executive Director Jamie Eastlake comments, “Theatre N16 is all about survival. Despite everything we’ve gone through, our sole aim is to support artists. I like working with honest people. If they say they haven’t got the money well, we try to help them. We help them gain experience and learn how the industry works. Of course, sometimes this approach doesn’t work and we lose out – we still have to pay rent, staff and our insurance – but I like taking the risk and supporting the next wave of new talent. That’s what the venue is all about!”

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