Blackeyed Theatre’s Production Of Teechers By John Godber Available To Schools For Free

Blackeyed Theatre Teechers
Blackeyed Theatre Teechers

Blackeyed Theatre have announced that, with the kind permission of John Godber, they are making available to schools their 2018 archive recording of Teechers. Access will be free of charge to teachers while theatres remain closed as a result of COVID-19.

There are many challenges facing teachers and students during the lockdown, and access to live theatre is just one of them. So, having received requests from a number of schools for access to footage of Teechers, Blackeyed Theatre are pleased to be able to offer this support to teachers and students of Drama and Theatre Studies.

Education has always been central to what Blackeyed Theatre do, and having toured Teechers three times since 2013, it’s a play they’ve grown very attached to. A classic comedy about life at a struggling academy, Teechers brings to life an array of terrifying teachers and hopeless pupils through the unique eyes of Salty, Gail and Hobby; three Year 11 students about to leave school for good.

Crammed full of unforgettable characters, political left-hooks and razor-sharp comedy, Teechers is more relevant today than ever, a modern classic with something vital to say about education for the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’, featuring breathtaking ensemble performances and a bang-up-to-date soundtrack.

Blackeyed Theatre thank the cast – Jake Addley, Nicole Black and Rosalind Seal – as well as the artistic team and John Godber for making this possible.

Teachers will need to email from their official school email account to access the production link. Education packs are also available to teachers here:

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