Dapper Laughs To Make Theatrical Debut Alongside Paul Danan in Time at Tristan Bates Theatre

Cast of Time Tristan Bates Theatre
Cast of Time Tristan Bates Theatre

Daniel O’Reilly is better known to some as the controversial character ‘Dapper Laughs’, after a rollercoaster career which has led to his own TV series, a feature film and a number of sell out gigs including O’Reilly’s latest show ‘Good Vibes Only’, Daniel was also a guest in the Celebrity big brother house and is now set to make his theatrical debut alongside fellow former house mate Paul Danan in gritty crime thriller Time.

‘I am good mates with Paul and he is a top bloke and great actor so I am pleased to be able to get the chance to work with Paul’ explained Dan. Paul and Dan will also be joined by David Schaal (inbetweeners/The Office) and playwright Michael Head who is teaming up with Danan after their success with ‘Worth A Flutter’ which recieved rave reviews from critics.

“It is a very powerful and moving script but also has some great comic moments and lines which is what got me interested”.  Written by Michael Head, whose recent success with ‘Worth A Flutter’ and ‘The Greater Game’ has led to Head being hailed by critics as ‘a leading light in working class theatre’ and ‘a great who can mix empathy with comedy making the audience laugh one moment and cry the next’.

Time tells the story of four armed robbers who meet after a job goes tragically wrong. Although some might feel the story sounds a little farfetched, Time is a play with its roots firmly placed in the real world. “I grew up around armed robbers from London so was always hearing stories about doing a bit of work or going on the trot” tells the playwright Head. “Londoners love telling stories and I was always fascinated and often entertained by the stories I would be told”. So, Head decided to write a play based on these people and their exploits. “Time doesn’t glorify villainy” explains Head, “but it does try and show these people in a real light, they are not the monsters often shown in gangster films, they were just family men who through choices or circumstance found themselves working outside of the law, it is not trying to make a moral stand or political view as that is, not for me, what theatre should be about” continues Head, “theatre should be about enjoyment, being entertained by a story and the characters in it, hopefully it will touch the audience and make them laugh”.

Head is delighted to be working with Paul again ‘Paul and I have been very close mates for a long time and is it always great to have a chance to work alongside talented people who you get on with. Plus to be joined by Daniel and David is a real honour and the fact the play is based on my family and stories that are real and close to my heart make it even more special

Time will be running at the Tristan Bates Theatre for one week only from 10th-15th of February 2020. For more information or to book tickets for more information please visit: https://www.actorscentre.co.uk/theatre/time

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