Dominic Ferris From Shoreham-By-Sea In Sussex Strikes The Right Chord With His Live Piano Request Shows

Dominic Ferris
Dominic Ferris

Dominic Ferris’s Live Piano Requests Shows, which he has broadcast for over a year from his home in Shoreham-by-Sea in Sussex as a fun break from his work as a pianist and music producer, have been entertaining many music fans in recent weeks. Whilst doing so, they have caught the interest of national media producers, leading to some exciting takeover collaborations.

Having ramped up the broadcasts on his own social media channels in the hope of entertaining those self-isolating in the UK and internationally, Dominic was approached by Classic FM and Pianist Magazine to host takeover collaborations on their own channels. The Classic FM takeover has already had nearly 100,000 views on Facebook, as the video continues to be watched. Watch an extract on YouTube. Dominic has also arranged a Musical Theatre takeover with Official London Theatre website. A further national radio takeover is to be announced shortly.

Dominic Ferris said: “People are looking for something to lift their spirits and, for many, music seems to be the obvious way to turn. Self-isolation has meant that there is a great deal of loneliness in many households so I wanted to spread a little musical joy. Rather than a performance-based broadcast, I thought it would be nice to create something completely interactive where the public can become part of each episode. The key to engagement is the quickfire instant requests, usually in any genre – from pop music and classical to musical theatre and film themes. I’ve run Live Piano Requests as a bit of fun on my Facebook and Instagram pages over the past 18 months or so, but now more than ever, there seems to be a real universal connection through music.”

Tune in to Dominic Ferris’s forthcoming sessions:

Tuesday 7th April at 16:30 with Pianist Magazine on Dominic’s Facebook @dominicferrismusic

Thursday 9th April, 12:30 with Official London Theatre’s Facebook @OfficialLondonTheatre

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