Daniel Audritt is the director, co-writer and co-producer of Modern Horror Stories, the 11 part sketch show on Comedy Central International online as well as a number of Comic Relief Originals, including viral hits Stephen Hawking’s New Voice and Modern Dating Horror Story.

A sought after gag-writer, Daniel Audritt has had his jokes featured on 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown, Mock the Week, The News Quiz, Dead Ringers and NewsJack. A joke from his 2018 work-in-progress show was named Dave’s fourth Best Joke of the Fringe last year.

Within eight months of his first stand-up performance, Daniel won a national New Act Competition, beating over 700 other comedians to be crowned Golden Jesters New Act of the Year 2014. As well as performing around the UK, Daniel has appeared at the UCB, Broadway Comedy Club and the QED, in New York.  Daniel Audritt: Better Man is at Just The Tonic at The Caves 1st – 25th August (not 12th).

Better Man is coming to Just The Tonic at The Caves what can you tell us about it?

Better Man is my debut stand up hour and something I am incredibly proud of. I’ve tried my best to write an incredibly funny, punchline heavy stand up show that still has something to say about the world in 2019. Basically it’s a show about love, relationships and masculinity from a guy who thought he’d learnt everything he ever needed to know about life from 90s rom-coms.

What inspired you to write Better Man?

Many different things influenced this show. The last few years have put a spotlight on men, their actions and behaviours so that was something I was thinking about a lot. Also, I’ve found myself in a new relationship which is unlike any other relationship I’ve been in. We were best friends first so she knew my whole personality, good and bad, before she got involved with me. That completely changed my perspective on relationships. I’ve learned most of what I know about love from Rom-Coms and I had no idea how poorly they prepared me for the real thing…

Why did you want to write about this subject in particular?      

I really wanted to write about masculinity because I think it’s an incredibly important subject which is in the forefront of the social consciousness. I think for years men acting the way they do has been a rich vein for comedy, but nobody has really stopped to ask why and what aspects of society have made this the case. It was a great challenge to study the subject through incredibly heady academic reading and then find ways to bring those concepts and ideas to people through what I hope is a very funny, joke filled stand up hour.

What’s the one thing about Better Man makes it different from all the rest?

I’ve had a flick through the fringe guide and there aren’t as many shows about masculinity as I thought there would be. To me, the evolution of masculinity and the ways in which it needs to improve is one of the biggest conversations happening right now so I’m surprised more comedians haven’t tried to tackle it. I hope the topic alone makes it stand out, but if that isn’t enough then obviously, I hope my joke writing helps too.

How does it feel to be at Just The Tonic?

I’m really excited to be performing at the Caves. I’ve been going to Edinburgh for the last few years and always knew I wanted to do my debut there. There is something about the low ceilings, quirky atmosphere and chance of catching trench foot that the cave venues have that I think is great for comedy, not to mention being on Cowgate which is a great place to find audiences.

Why should people come see Better Man?

Every year at the fringe, stand up shows tend to fit into two distinct categories – the funny shows, which value laughs over everything else, and the shows which have a social, societal message and point which they want to say. With Better Man I’ve really tried my best to do both. I have a topic which I am fascinated by but I love jokes and I love making an audience laugh, so hopefully people who like both styles of show should enjoy mine.

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