Guy Montgomery is a New Zealand born, New York based stand-up comedian and improviser. Guy hosts a podcast called the Worst Idea of All Time where, along with friend Tim Batt, they watch and review the same awful movie every week for a year.

They just finished season four (fifty-two episodes discussing Sex and the City the movie) with a tour across America.

Guy Montgomery: I Was Part Of The Problem Before We Were Talking About It is at Assembly Studio 4 31st July to 25th August.

I Was Part of the Problem Before We Were Talking About It is coming to Assembly what can you tell us about it?

It is my sixth solo show and debut solo show on the fringe! It is about reconciling who I am today with who I’ve been throughout my life to get here. Not that I have reached my final form or destination but I am now actively trying to be better and importantly to anyone reading this interview, funnier. I have finally realised one of the most sure-fire ways of succeeding as a comedian is to be very funny. Eight years in and I’ve just made this breakthrough, the sky is truly the limit.

Is it based on real events?

Oooooh yeah! It is based on my time growing up in a cloistered little enclave of the world called Christchurch, New Zealand and the ways that my time and schooling there gave me all the tools to be an entitled little arsehole. I trace my life today all the way back to those formative years and dredge up elements of my life that I am none too proud of today! It is all done very tastefully and hilariously though.

How does this production differ to other works you’ve written?

This is the first truly personal stand up show I’ve written! Previously my stand-up shows have been looking out, taking quotidian observations and spinning them into silly and surreal scenarios that require very little in the way of self-examination. Over the last two years I have made a concentrated effort to be more open and vulnerable on stage and while living through the period of learning how to do that has been absolutely brutal at times, it represents a very exciting breakthrough for me as a stand up

What’s the one thing about this show makes it different from all the rest?

I also encourage the audience to take share and take ownership of their own shame or humiliation! Before the show I encourage anyone who wants to, to write down something they’ve done in their lives before that they are not proud of and anonymously place it in a bowl. It sounds terrifying but honestly it is very unifying and it keeps everyone on their toes, you get a real jolt of adrenaline when I dip into the bowl.

How does it feel to be at Assembly?

It feels so good! I have been to Fringe as a punter the last four years and Assembly have always had both some of my favourite performance spaces and favourite shows! They always have a really thoughtful and well curated comedy line up and I am assuming there has been some sort of seismic change in programming this year that has allowed me to slip through the cracks. I look forward to jeopardising the reputation they have worked so hard to establish and maintain.

What would you say to people thinking of coming to see I Was Part of the Problem Before We Were Talking About It?

I would say you’ve done the bulk of the hard work already. If you’re thinking about it there isn’t a lot left to say other than you should act on that thought! Act on every impulsive thought that you have, never pause for reflection. And then once you come to the show I’ll tell you about how that might not necessarily be the best idea.

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