Edinburgh Preview: Loop at Underbelly Cowgate (Belly Button)

Loop Edinburgh Fringe
Loop Edinburgh Fringe

“LOOP is an audacious and mesmerising journey through time” North West End on LOOP

London, 1965. A woman leaves her mother, fiancée and everything she knows behind, to search for something better in another city.

Manchester, 1985. Boy meets Girl under the serious moonlight. For The Boy, music is everything. For the Girl, everything is a new pair of trainers. They dance and fall in love as the New Romantics play, while a woman waits by the phone.

The Present. A Young Man who feels like nobody understands him wants out of his home, his school and his life. His parents just want what’s best. Maybe he’ll find what he’s looking for in the same city his grandmother left 50 years ago.

a physical piece of theatre which flows with a fascinating urgency” ★★★★★ Theatre Weekly on LOOP

A dynamic new play combining new writing & physical theatre, LOOP is a journey through 50 years of life, love & music, a story of people evolving with the music they listen to.

Writer & Director Alex Knott comments, “I like to think that no matter what you fancy watching, LOOP has something in it that you’ll connect with and grab on to. Humour, drama, music, movement. It’s a universal story, we hope, one that we’ve all been through, and remember. LOOP is a love story of life, culture, the coming of age and growing up”. And Movement Director Zöe Grain adds, “Whether you’re young or old, there’s something for everyone and anyone! It’ll hit you like a big nostalgic blow to the stomach.”


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