Extension Announced for The Big House’s Bullet Tongue

Bullet Tongue. photo by Dylan Nolte
Bullet Tongue. photo by Dylan Nolte

The Big House has announced an extension, due to popular demand, of the critically acclaimed Bullet Tongue, a promenade piece through the charity’s new building, until Saturday 15 December.

Bullet Tongue, written by Sonya Hale and Andrew Day and developed alongside the young cast, tackles the topic of County Lines; where criminal gangs set up drug dealing operations outside of their usual operating area, which is a significant issue facing many of the young people that the charity works with.

I just want to show you my ends. As man can see the sun creep over the brow of that tower block right now, like I think. I want grab myself a camera. I wanna use my voice. I am going to use man’s voice to speak. I see all the yout-dem run about, trapped, lost. I wanna show you all, lift the hood on my estate right back, let its little eyes sparkle. This girl don’t wanna run with no metal bullet, I want to take you by the ears and eyes and show you. And so as I look out across this city, on man’s own landing, man’s own estate, and that sunlight is blissing up man’s eyes I think… I am gonna unzip the silence on it, show you, show you. I wanna bring you to it. Carve a new thing, a new life. I am gonna use this bullet tongue voice of mine. Blasting out. Bullet tongue girl gonna show you now. Bullet tongue gonna tell you true.

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