On Tuesday afternoon, Albert De Jongh who plays Aramis, one of the musketeers in Iris Theatre’s The Three Musketeers, broke his ankle – one day before the tech rehearsal with the show opening on Thursday evening for previews.  Director Paul-Ryan Carberry joined us to tell us how the show will go on.

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We hear things haven’t gone to plan in the final day of rehearsals, tell us what happened?

We’ve been in tech this week for our new production of The Three Musketeers, which is previewing tonight at St Paul’s in Covent Garden. Unfortunately, during one of our action transitions, Albert De Jongh, who is our wonderful Aramis, had a freak fall and has broken a couple of bones in his foot and ankle.

Most importantly, is Albert OK?

Albert is doing well. He is in a temporary cast at the moment and is getting around on crutches. To be honest, Albert’s welfare has been the team’s main concern since the accident, it was important to us that he felt supported and free from pressure at this stage in the process. Albert’s courage and professionalism through the whole process has been inspiring but especially since his accident…Albert has made the decision to continue in the production.

What does this mean for The Three Musketeers?

It terms of narrative, it means very little. The whole cast have done a wonderful job of bringing this adaptation to life and so our audience will get the story we set out to tell at the very beginning of rehearsals. Our Aramis may be knocking around on crutches or a protective boot, but the core idea of people bandying together to overcome obstacles will still resonate, perhaps now, even more so.

What are the team doing to make sure the show goes on?

Again, our main concern is Albert and his welfare so we spent a lot of time in tech yesterday re-working our blocking in the space to facilitate Alberts needs. In terms of immediate logistics we have created a theatrical device where Aramis will be accompanied by his “Fight Shadow” who will step in and take over on some of the big action moments. (A sort of real live stunt double) This allows us to give our audience the full impact of our wonderful sword fights whilst trying to create a theatrical solution to our situation. Aramis’ “Fight Shadow” is currently being played by our brilliant Fight Director, Roger Bartlett.

How are the rest of the company supporting Albert?

From the first day of rehearsal this company has shown such consideration and respect for each other in the room and this has only extended even further since Alberts accident. The cast have rallied round Albert and have given such understanding to this situation that I’m truly proud of every single one of them. This is a special cast. The Three Musketeers is famed for its message of unity and friendship and that message has never been louder. Our audience will see that true Musketeers spirit and that famous line will truly resonate loud and clear “All for one, and one for all.”

Greg is an award-winning writer with a huge passion for theatre. He has appeared on stage, as well as having directed several plays in his native Scotland. Greg is the founder and editor of Theatre Weekly


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